Production of devices

Due to the continuous development of our company, in 2007 we started the production of our own devices for the refrigeration industry, introducing the Coolcraft® brand to the market.

Below is a timeline of our key solutions:

  • 2007

    Production of the first Coolcraft® heating mat.

  • 2008

    Production of the first Coolcraft®cold store floor heating system.

  • 2009

    Manufacture of the first OEM mine chiller.

  • 2014

    Production of the first propane resublimation heat pump commissioned by OEM.

  • 2014

    Series production of chamber cooling systems for restaurants and gas stations with hot gas defrosting.

  • 2015

    Production of the first heat recovery with 3 energy-saving Coolcraft® improvements.

  • 2015

    Production of the first ORC system on behalf of OEM

  • 2019

    Manufacture of the first autonomous cold room with intelligent defrosting.


Our products

Currently, our products include:

Cool Craft® products are of high quality, because they are made with attention to detail and then tested before shipment to the customer. Only the best components from reputable European manufacturers are used for their production.

Cool Craft® products are entirely manufactured in Poland. We are constantly trying to improve and expand our offer.


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