EBV(T)-PR Series Ball valve with integral pressure relief

For greater system design flexibility and increased productivity, specify the EBV(T)-PR ball valve with integral pressure relief. This compact solution eliminates the check valve and associated brazing involved when piping a ball valve and check valve in parallel to protect a system from over pressurization.

Main advantages:

  • Compact design simplifies installation
  • Eliminates the check valve and associated piping,resulting in significant material cost savings
  • Decreases braze joints resulting in labor savings and increased productivity
  • Minimizes the potential for leaks and decreases nuisance call-backs


• Allows for positive shut off in one direction and
flow in the other direction whenever pressure
differential is present (the integrated pressure relief
feature is one direction only)
• Protects system from pressure spikes when
servicing equipment
• Welded body joint. Factory tested to ensure
positive, leak-free performance. Forged brass
body construction with extended K65® fittings
and optional access fittings
• Full size ports for unrestricted flow on most sizes
10 mm (3/8”) through 28 mm (1-1/8”)
• Dual Teflon seals surround the polished, brass ball
to prevent leakage. Stem seal and stem washer
provide the primary stem seal. Bottom load stem
for safety
• Stainless steel stop plate ensures fully open to
fully closed with a 1/4 turn
• All EBV(T)-PR ball valves use C19400 (K65) copper
fitting material.



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