Energy Saving Motors ECM C-HC-HBS

ECM C - HC - HBS ENERGY SAVING MOTORS Electronic Commutated Motors, with permanent magnet, are specially designed by ELCO® for commercial refrigeration applications. These motors efficiency is higher than the traditional motors assuring an energy saving up to 80% of power consumption with consequent CO2 emission reduction. Limited heat dissipation brings to significant reduction of consumptions associated to the refrigeration cycle. A highest power output in respect of the total motor mass is developed, hence smaller dimensions are possible.


•Closed motor, protection degree IP65 (IP66 on request).

•Thermoplastic body compact design. •Double insulation class B (earth cable eliminated).

•Supply 230V/115V-50/60 Hz.

•Possible coupling with axial fans with diameter from 154 to 300 mm.

•Rotation speeds available with different options:

-From 1 to 4 ELCO® pre-set speeds

– Different reverse modes via SW and HW

-Speed set by the customer via NFC standard

-Full speed control with 0-10 Vdc or 0-24 Vdc signal.

•Working temperature between -30°C and +60°C.

•Insulation class B.




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