Glazed cold room

LNS was  asked to design a prototype of one of the world’s first glass chamber for Pizza Hut Express restaurant. Our specialists with many years of experience in the field of refrigeration, work every day with cooling equipment with power ranging from several hundred watts to several megawatts. This gave us the opportunity to propose an unusual solution.


Glazed cooling chamber by Cool Craft Wrocław – tailored to individual customer needs

The chamber can be glazed on both sides, so that the kitchen staff can continuously replenish the missing products. The process of exchanging ingredients takes place in a way that ensures the right temperature is maintained at each stage.


The drip tray in the cooling cabinet is designed so that when there is a lot of moisture, water does not drip onto the products. This is particularly important because the chamber is placed in a visible place, in addition to fulfilling its main task – cooling the products – must also attract the customers’ attention with its appearance and aesthetics, to encourage them to pay attention to the stored meals. Therefore, the casing is not made of ordinary panels and the glass door is not steamed. The whole is properly finished to the smallest detail. Unlike the chambers found in petrol stations, even the fluorescent lamps have been replaced by special LED strips.


The dimensions and equipment of the chambers are freely configurable by the customer. Unlike modular chambers, the surface area and volume are maximally adapted to the room in which they are to be installed.


  • sandwich panel: PIR with a thickness of 80 [mm], 100 [mm], 120 [mm]; trapezoidal, smooth
  • PVC plinths
  • internal corners: PVC, aluminum
  • “man in the chamber” alarm
  • insulated floor: with the threshold, flushed with the floor level in the room
  • underfloor heating system preventing the substrate from freezing
  • freezer doors: hinged, equipped with installation of frame and threshold heaters; flush, on the panel, with a built-in cooling system controller; with a width of 800 [mm], 900 [mm], 1000 [mm], 1100 [mm], 1200 [mm] and a standard height of 2000 [mm]; with the possibility of ordering a door fitted to each opening
  • sliding freezer doors equipped with the installation of frame and threshold heaters
  • curtain: strip made of PVC foil, Cold Stop®
  • lighting: with on / off switch, with an infrared detector, with a microwave detector, with a motion detector; wall, ceiling
  • condensate drain from the cooler: from a reinforced PVC hose, from white sewage pipes, equipped with a heating system preventing condensation freezing in chambers with a temperature of <0 oC
  • Cool Craft freezing units operating in the temperature range from 0 oC to -30 oC individually designed to the size of the chamber and the number and types of stored goods



  • fenders: PVC, wooden
  • system of modular shelves
  • counter display with a reduced temperature
  • COOLCRAFT heat recovery system
  • energy-saving fans
  • defrost installation with hot gases
  • remote monitoring system according to HACCP principles
  • open door alarm with a sound intensity 120 [dB] (1m)
  • reduced refrigerant charge on the capillary tube


Niezwłocznie po wpłynięciu do nas zapytania zostanie przygotowana dla Państwa oferta wraz ze szczegółową wyceną.