HBTS/Cable HFC Cable Temperature Sensor

The Cable Temperature Sensors are used as signal sensors for electronic thermostats, regulators and thermometers.

The sensors can be used virtually anywhere where you want to measureor monitor temperature especially for applications in the industrial refrigeration industry. The sensor can be mounted in a sensor well or directly.  The HBTS-PT1000/cable is also included as a spare part for the HBDF-MK2 sensor.


Product features:

Available in two types as 4-wire (4 X 0,24mm²) (PT 100) or 2-wire (2 X 0,5 mm²) (PT1000)
To be mounted in sensor well or directly.
Temperature range: -40…+130°C (peak 150°C)

Electrical connection
Cable length 2,0 m / 5,0 m / 10,0 m
Sensor element PT100 / PT1000 
Sensor class DIN B
Sensor design 4-wire (4 X 0,24mm²) (PT 100)
Sensor design 2-wire (2 X 0,5 mm²) (PT1000)
Environmental conditions
Temperature range -40°C…+130°C (peak 150°C)
Protection degree IP68
Mechanical specifications
Material – probe tip AISI 316
Material – cable  Red/orange silicone
Sensor element Ø 6 X 50 mm


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