Heat recovery

CoolCraft - heat recovery system from refrigeration installations

Cool Craft Heat Recovery

Every gas station, store and restaurant has a simultaneous need for cooling and heating. Refrigeration and freezing equipment produce waste heat that can be successfully used to heat domestic hot water. This is where the Coolcraft brand heat recovery idea comes in.

At LNS Sp. z o.o. we have developed a solution, by using this waste heat, we are able to reduce the electricity consumption of cooling and freezing appliances and preheat water from the system completely free of charge. The temperature of network water, depending on season, varies from 5 to 15 [°C]. Our system, when operating 2-3 devices with a total cooling capacity of about 5-7 [kW], is able to heat the water in a 450 [l] tank to a temperature of 30-55 [°C], depending on demand. The higher the demand for hot water, the less energy is needed to operate the connected devices. In addition, the anti-legionella system is designed in such a way that the system does not require notification to the Office of Technical Inspection. Standard equipment of the heat recovery system includes: diaphragm tank, titanium anode, safety valve and manometer.

Based on many years of experience of LNS Sp. z o.o., we have developed several systems supporting operation of the equipment, such as:
-electric system booster to ensure minimum temperature at the outlet – tap;
-the tank can be cleaned of sediment without taking the system out of service;
-modern control system for supporting the work of devices and anti-legionella system maximizing energy efficiency.


– inside the tank covered with ceramic enamel;

– outdoor tank covered with anticorrosive paint and 50mm insulation of soft polyurethane foam in the skay type;

– tank equipped with Correx titanium anode with power supply;

– heat exchanger – condenser from finned pipe (double-wall structure preventing mixing of refrigerant with drinking water in the event of a leak);

– cover (flange) enabling cleaning the tank from deposits without having to shut down the system from use;

– anti-legionella system (pump, heater) controlled by a modern system that maximizes energy efficiency.

– optional equipment:

– control box;

– hydraulic set with safety valve 6 [bar], diaphragm vessel and pressure gauge;

– re-heating module


– control box

– hydraulic set with 6 [bar] safety valve, diaphragm vessel and manometer

– reheating module (ensuring minimum temperature at the outlet – tap, does not require notification to the Office of Technical Inspection)


capacity depending on customer demand (in the range of 220-1000 liters)

maximal working pressure of tank 0,6MPa

max working temperature of 95 °C

ability to connect heat exchangers from several chambers simultaneously, e.g. 3 exchangers with total capacity of 9kW (Refrigerant R134a and ∆t = 25 K)

spigot connection 1″

What is heat recovery?

Heat recovery is totally possible, especially when it comes to refrigeration equipment. As it turns out, this solution allows you to save a lot of money, which is very visible in the overall calculation. For this reason, it is a solution that you should use in your business to gain more money. This is useful especially among farmers who have milk or cheese cooling equipment. They are certainly also used in grocery stores among others. Especially with large areas, heat recovery methods can bring significant benefits. Above all, the long-term ones.

What does heat recovery from refrigeration equipment look like?

Heat recovery from refrigeration equipment is based on fast and inexpensive cooling of milk, which results in the heating of a certain amount of water for sanitary purposes. The water can be heated up to 70 degrees Celsius, so that it can be used for many household activities. Thus, the efficiency of milk coolers is also improved. This method of heat recovery is already used in many European countries. The costs generated are much lower, which can be seen even after just a few months.

Heat recovery – what kind of equipment should be used?

When it comes to heat recovery itself, it is definitely worth using a special device that is signed by the Cool Craft brand. This way you can be sure that everything is of high quality and runs properly. This whole system is designed perfectly for refrigeration equipment. This type of device can preheat or completely heat the water without any problem and at the same time help to reduce the electronic energy requirements of these cooling devices. This solution is recommended to anyone who uses refrigeration equipment permanently.

What is the principle behind heat recovery from refrigeration equipment?

With the right equipment, refrigeration heat recovery doesn’t have to be complicated. In the case of the Cool Craft, the warm refrigerant is directed straight to the container that holds the water to be heated. With the Cool Craft, the water can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius in a fraction of the time. If the amount of water is too large, or the temperature is not sufficient, you can always use additional electric reheating modules, which will allow rapid and above all safe reheating of the missing water.


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