Optima Shelving

The OPTIMA modular refrigerated shelving system has been specially designed for storing food and pharmaceutical products. The strong aluminium construction and massive shelf inserts ensure the stability and high load capacity of the rack. We design and assemble OPTIMA shelving throughout Poland.

Optima Shelving

The OPTIMA Shelving offers an ideal storage solution for food and pharmaceutical industries. Strong aluminium structure and durable plastic shelves provide an excellent load capacity. A wide range of dimensions and universal connectors offer the possibility to virtually extend the shelves without any limitation. Countless combinations of shelf configurations, from a single rack to L, U or T shaped extensions , allow you to optimize your storage space. Combining with mobile shelving will allow to configure even more ergonomic storage system.


– extremely stable construction and a load capacity of up to 900 kg,

– easy to clean and maintain hygiene thanks to easily removable dishwasher-safe polyethylene inserts,

– holes in the supports every 150 mm, allows to modify standard sets and increase the number of shelves in a very simple way (using pins – 4 per shelf),

– easy assembly without tools, repeatable modules, unlimited combination of dimensions,

– possibility of corner assembly allows optimum use of space

– adjustable height of the feet allows for adjustment to uneven floors,

– concealed fixings for aesthetics and hygiene,

– excellent resistance to temperatures ranging from – 40 to + 80 degrees Celsius,

– combining the mobile and modular shelving system allows to create a configuration adapted to individual needs.


– anodised aluminium frame structure,

– reinforced and ribbed polypropylene shelves,

– fixing hooks made of special aluminium alloy,

– feet and latches made of a durable plastic composite,

– corner joints made of stainless steel.

Standard dimensions:

– shelf length from 663 to 1854mm,

– depth 300, 400, 500 and 600mm,

– Height 1800mm, 2100 and 2400mm.

Components of the rack:

– standard support,

–  extension bracket (for expanded shelving),

– corner connectors for “T” type racks „ L” „U”,

– shelf .

`Orders :

The Optima shelving system allows for any configuration of space. Based on the dimensions of the room and the demand for a given investment, we will design an optimal solution. In the case of larger orders we take measurements on site.

Enquiries should be directed to: info@lns.com.pl

Please specify in the message content:

– location,

– the dimensions of the room including any obstacles (pillars, electrical boxes, pipes, etc.),

– the target number of shelves, the minimum load capacity per shelf and the length, width and height of the rack (180, 210, 240 cm),

– a sketch of the rack location.

We process each project individually and guarantee the lowest prices on the market. We offer you a comprehensive service, from design to installation on site.




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