OVS vertical one-stage oil separator

The OVS vertical oil separators, installed on the compressor discharge line, guarantee the best separation between refrigerant and lubricating oil. All refrigerants are suitable, provided they are compatible with materials used for construction. In case of ammonia (NH3) it’s recommended to select a two-stage vertical oil separator, with coalescent filters.

The OVS vertical oil separators are made of high quality carbon steel, in
accordance with the requirements of the 97/23/EC Directive (P.E.D.).

The following accessories are available on request:
– Electrical level gauge
– Optical level gauge (as alternative)
– Electrical heaters with socket
– Thermostat
– Coalescent filter
– Coalescent filter installation kit

All the OVS vertical oil separators are CE approved, in accordance with the 97/23/ EC Directive (P.E.D.), and are tested in accordance with the directive itself.On request, they may be manufactured with ASME mark (U, or UM) and designed in compliance with the ASME VIII Div. 1 calculation rules. The OVS vertical oil separators may also be approved by the major naval classification societies (RINA, BV, LRS, DNV, etc.). For non-CE approvals, please contact the Onda S.p.A. commercial department.In the following table are reported the general working limits.


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