Sporlan Type Q and BQ thermostatic expansion valves

Sporlan Type Q and BQ thermostatic expansion valves are for use on Air Conditioning & Refrigeration units. They have a replaceable cartridge design. They regulate refrigerant flow by maintaining a nearly constant superheat at the evaporator outlet.

The Sporlan Q and BQ series are replaceable cartridge style valves designed for small refrigeration systems, such as refrigerated cases, coolers, and freezers. The externally equalized versions of these valves are ideal for air conditioning and heat pump systems. BQ valves are balance ported, engineered specifically for systems with a wide range of operating conditions and may be applied on bi-directional applications.
Q and BQ valves are supplied as three individual component parts: the thermostatic element, the valve body, and the replaceable cartridge or orifice. The interchangeable nature of the Q and BQ family make it ideal for reducing inventory, while increasing valve options – so the right valve is always on hand.
Q and BQ brass body type valves feature Sporlan’s traditional knife edge, metal-to-metal thermostatic element to valve body construction, which ensures a leak-proof joint.
Sporlan’s selective thermostatic charges are specifically designed for low temperature, medium temperature, and air conditioning applications. The elements are manufactured with a large flat diaphragm to reduce diaphragm stresses and provide precise control. The installer is able to select the best possible thermostatic charge for the application because the Q and BQ valve bodies and thermostatic elements are supplied as independent components.
Refrigerant flow through the valve port opposes the pin movement in all Type Q and BQ valves. This provides improved stability at light loads, when the pin modulates to a position close to the port. The liquid flow enters near the top of the valve body, which has a warming effect on the thermostatic element and minimizes the potential for charge migration.
The Type Q and BQ valves are available with flare or sweat connections and all feature adjustable superheat.
• Air Conditioning
• Refrigeration – Food Retail
• Transportation
• Industrial – Food Storage units
• Replaceable cartridge design.
• Balance port design on BQ Series provides perfect pin and port alignment and prevents pressure drop across the valve from influencing valve operation
• Thermostatic charges available to match system conditions
• Available with external equalizer and internal equalizer
• Design working pressure of 450 psi (31 bar) or 700 psi ( bar). For R-410A only the design working pressure is 700 psi (48.3 bar)
• Systems with widely varying operating conditions
• Capacity ranges from 1/8 to 5 ton R-22
• Supermarket cases and rack systems, Food and Beverage units
• Air Conditioning – Residential, Commercial, Chillers
• Transportation – Units on Truck/Trailer, Bus and Vans

Maximum Pressure (psi)
450 or 700 psig
Element Type
N/A, 43, 45

Maximum Pressure (psi)
450 or 700 psig
Element Type
N/A, 43, 45


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