Walk-in Freezer

Cold chambers produced by Cool Craft are designed to meet individual customer needs.
Dimensions as well as equipment of the chambers are freely configurable by the customer. Unlike modular chambers, area and volume are maximally adjusted to the room, where they are to be assembled.

Dedicated to sites such as, for example: restaurants, petrol stations, hotels, food banks, meat processing plants, catering schools, etc.
Freezer chambers are needed wherever you deal with food. They help to preserve freshness of products and store food in safe conditions. They work great in stores, restaurants and hotels. A good cooling chamber guarantees prolonged shelf life of food products and ingredients used for preparation of meals.

Design of the cold room

This type of chamber is a type of room where the temperature is regulated. You can set it by using a computer-controlled cooling system. The freezer compartment is perfectly insulated, so it does not lose its cold. The floor heating system is extremely important because it prevents the floor from freezing. The door frames and the threshold are equipped with heaters, which eliminates the problem of the door freezing to the frame and of the build-up of frost on the door frames.
From a practical point of view, however, the most important is the cooling system installed in the room. It is made of Cool Craft chillers that operate in a temperature range from 0 to -30 degrees. Their configurations are tailored to the size and purpose of each chamber, to be as effective and economical as possible.

Additional chamber equipment and configuration

Freezer chambers are produced on individual request. They are tailored perfectly to the room in which they are to be located. This way you make maximum use of the available space. Everything depends on your needs, and the chamber does not have strictly fixed dimensions. It will be made on the basis of an individual order.
You can independently equip the chamber in a form adequate to your expectations. The offer includes a modular shelving system, so that products will always be well organized. You can choose additional, energy-efficient fans, and install an open door alarm. Hot gas defrost systems and many other features are also available.


Safety features that prevent people from getting trapped in the room are extremely important. The most important of these is the “man in the chamber” alarm, which signals danger and does not allow the door to close. There is also a system of motion detectors and infrared detectors installed in the room, thanks to which the room is illuminated only when someone is in it. This allows to save electricity.
Use the calculator available on the website to calculate the preliminary price of the chamber corresponding to your needs, or consult a company representative who will advise you on the best solutions.


– sandwich panel: PIR 80 [mm], 100 [mm], 120 [mm] thick; trapezoidal, smooth

– PVC plinths

– internal corners: PVC, aluminium

– man in the chamber” alarm

– insulated floor: with a threshold, raised flush with the floor level in the room

– floor heating system to prevent freezing of the floor

– freezer door: tilt door equipped with a heating system of the door frame and threshold; flush, on panel, with a built-in controller of the cooling system; width: 800 [mm], 900 [mm], 1000 [mm], 1100 [mm], 1200 [mm] and standard height 2000 [mm]; with a possibility of ordering a door adjusted to every opening

– sliding freezer door equipped with a heating system for the doorframe and threshold

– curtain: striped PVC foil, Cold Stop®

– Lighting: on/off switch, infrared sensor, microwave sensor, motion detector; wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted

– condensate drain from the cooler: with reinforced PVC hose, white sewage pipes, equipped with a heating system to prevent freezing of the condensate in chambers with temperatures < 0 oC

– freezing units produced by Cool Craft working in the temperature range from 0 oC to -30 oC designed individually to chamber size and quantity and types of stored products


– fenders: PVC, wooden

– modular shelving system

– counter display cabinet with reduced temperature

– COOL CRAFT heat recovery system

– energy-saving fans

– Defrost system with hot gases

– HACCP-compliant remote monitoring and logging

– open door alarm with sound intensity from 1 [m] >120 [dB]

– reduced refrigerant charge on capillary tube


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