Resublimation Heat Pump

The Resublimation heat pump is the most innovative and ecological solution available on the market. It’s unique design was created and patented in Poland.


The Resublimation heat pump is the most innovative and ecological solution available on the market. It’s unique design was created and patented in Poland. The Resublimation Heat Pump doesn’t require expensive ground heat exchangers and doesn’t pollute the environment with noise coming from fans because pumps utilize steam included in the air as a lower heat source thanks to condensation and resublimation. Heat transfer surface of the Resublimation heat pumps evaporator is equivalent to about 1000mb horizontal ground heat exchangers pipe and to 600mb vertical ground heat exchangers. Furthermore, the undeniable advantage is using natural gas R290 as a refrigerant realizing heat pump cycle. Thus the user will never be subjected to restriction connected with refrigerants increasing the greenhouse effect. Resublimation Heat Pump 16/81 with standard dimensions. The Resublimation heat pump is a new solution to heating single- and multi-family houses, shops, sports halls, warehouses, schools and churches, as well as water in swimming pools, public buildings and other facilities that require safe, ecological and economical heating. The devices are designed and produced as a monovalent source of heat to cooperate with low-temperature heating installations with the supplying temperature o below 45 C. For bigger capacity heating systems it is possible to aggregate some heat pumps. They can cooperate with every conventional heat sources like gas, oil, coal and electric burners in a bivalent heating systems if it is needed the supplying temperature of water above o 45 C. Such a solution require consultation with the technical department in order to properly confguration of installation. In combination with photovoltaic cells, gives huge benefits to both investor and natural environment.



Comparison of the Resublimation heat pump exploitation cost with traditional heat sources.

Below is located comparison of production 1 kW heat with the use of following heat sources:

  1. Resublimation heat pump, series R1
  2. Condensing boiler, fuel oil, efficiency 94 %,
  3. Condensing boiler, LPG from outdoor gas-holder, efficiency 96%
  4. Condensing boiler, natural gas with high methane concentration as a fuel, efficiency 96% 5. Coal boiler, efficiency 80% 6. Electric boiler, efficiency 100% Valuations were adopted from Poland market prices and tariffs in January 2012.


  1. At present, costs of heating by Resublimation heat pump are:
    • 8,5 times lower than fuel oil heating
    • 7 times lower than gas LPG heating
    • 4 times lower than electric boiler
    • 3,5 times lower than natural gas with high methane concentration heating
    • 2,5 times lower than coal boiler heating


Resublimation and condensation energy potential in comparison to exploited energy potential in other classic heat pumps. Phase changes of water steam contained in the air exploited by the Resublimation heat pump. Heat of resublimation phase change (change of steam into snow) and sublimation (opposite phase change) for water is equal 2833 kJ/kg. Heat of condensation phase change (change of steam into water) and evaporation (opposite phase change) is equal 2500 J/kg. Heat of freezing or melting of water is equal 333 kJ/kg The heat of phase changes is significantly higher – hence the idea to use it.

Thermodynamic changes exploited in classic heat pumps: Heat of decreasing water temperature 0 for 1 C is about 4,19 kJ/kg. Heat of decreasing air temperature 0 for 1 C is about 1,05 kJ/kg.

The Resublimation heat pump R1 takes heat from phase change of the surrounding air, concentrates it on the evaporator surface and sends as a heated water to the container inside the house.

Exemplary house heating installation with Resublimation heat pump.

Condensing or changing into snow steam heat is send as a heated water to heating installation in the house by the resublimation heat pump.

Resublimation heat pump


The heat source for the Resublimation heat pump is water steam included in the air. The air energy is present dispersed form which doesn’t allow for direct uses. The unique construction of evaporator allows to concentrate steam heat and transfer it on useful level temperatures by known refrigeration cycle. Natural refrigerant R290 is responsible for heat transport.. Its task is to transfer high temperature heat to water responsible for space and water heating. Steam energy, accumulated in its current state of matter, is present in the air regardless of the time of the day and season. The unique idea protected by the patent law is the usage of energy produced during matter state changes in heat installation.

The installation process consists of two parts:

  • The Resublimation pump is located outside the object along with all parts that contain the R290 refigerant.
  • Hydraulic parts of the installation are located inside the object. They are designed individually for each object and contain a hot water storage cylinder of appropriate size, buffer store space heating the installation, appropriate hydraulic protection and fittings.

Both parts of heat source installation are managed by controller located in the technical part of the building. The Resublimation heat pump and hydraulic part of installation are connected with pipes which transport heat to object and with current-carrying wires which constitute electric power supply and communication between the Resublimation heat pump and heating installation.


At present series of the Resublimation heat pump R1 cconsists of 3 basic models:

R1 – RES 8/48

R1 – RES 12/61

R1 – RES 16/81

The Resublimation heat pumps R1 can be used as following devices:

  1. single function:
  • Co-operation with low-temperature heating installation with parameters, for example, Td/Tr = +45 C/+35 C (Td- delivery temperature of hot water, Tp- return temperature from heating installation)
  • Production hot water with delivery temperature 55 C,
  • Production heat water for technology processes with temperature Tt<=55


  1. double function:

For space and water heating with consideration water heating priority.

Presented solutions are dedicated for:

  • Single-family houses
  • Multi-family houses
  • Industrial objects
  • Public utility and sacral objects.


In CWU production mode the temperature of water exiting the compartment is +55 degrees Celsius. The Resublimation heat pumps series R1 are the heat source for heating installation like district heating substation and heat receivers. Heat pumps are mounted outside the building (for example: on the lot or on the roof) while district heating substation with control, measurement, regulation fittings and automation in located inside the building. For medium and high power investments, which taking into account cascade co-operation of The Resublimation heat pumps, a number of units are unlimited. Unique systems of control allow management of Resublimation heat pumps complex.





Resublimation Heat Pump is a maintenance-free device, which is also an argument that can be important in comparison with traditional heating systems running on solid fuels, oil or LPG.  There is no space needed for fuel storage, chimney and ventilate the boiler room, because our devices are powered by electricity. There is no environmental pollution from fumes emitted by traditional heat sources, which can be important especially in spa towns.


The control and monitoring system of the Resublimation Heat Pump is designed to take maximum advantage of the off-peak electricity tariff. As a standard there is monitoring via the Internet or communication via GSM modem. Thanks to these solutions you can control the temperature in your house and the temperature of your hot water from any place in the world.  The design has been developed in compliance with all safety requirements specified in the PN-EN 378-1 standard, electrical compatibility standards specified in the standards as well as machine standards.



The monitoring system facilitates the diagnostics of the device and shortens the reaction time of the service in case of any irregularity in operation.



Operating mobile credit advisors the offers of as many as 19 Polish banks are available. Loans are repayable in periods from 12 months to 10 years. The device has a LEME certificate, confirming high ecological parameters, which helps to use it in subsidy programs for ecology and thermomodernization.


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