Sporlan EBV Isolation Ball Valve

Sporlan Isolation Ball Valves are designed for use on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration units. They ensure positive shut off refrigerant flow in either flow direction, even during system evacuation.

The Sporlan Ball Valve is a welded body joint that is factory tested to ensure positive leak-free performance. Dual Teflon seals surrounds the polished, brass ball to prevent leakages. There is an internal relief port design that ensures positive shut off of the valve in either flow direction, even during system evacuation. All Ball valves are bi-directional and may be installed in any position.
• Air Conditioning
• Refrigeration – Food Retail
• Transportation
• Industrial – Food Storage units
• Welded body joint. Factory tested to ensure positive leak free performance.
• Full port sizes for unrestricted flow.
• Dual teflon seals to prevent leakage.
• Bottom loaded stem for safety.
• Ball internal relief port design.
• Design working pressure of 700 psi (49 bar)
• Heat Pumps
• Supermarket cases and rack systems, Food and Beverage units
• Air Conditioning – Residential, Commercial, Chillers
• Transportation – Units on Truck/Trailer, Bus and Vans
• Refrigerant systems – Liquid lines, suction lines, discharge lines


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