Frascold for Hydrocarbons – ATEX series

These compressors are the best choice for those who want to build plants and machinery which also contain an environmentally friendly solution.


Frascold open type series for Ammonia

The range includes three models with 6-cylinder and displacement from 146 to 188 m3/h (50Hz) and a wide selection of accessories that multiplies the versatility.


Frascold subcritical SK series for CO2

The compressors are ideal for use with hybrid systems (ie. cascade system) and, in combination with the compressors Frascold TK series for transcritical CO2 applications, they offer the possibility to built-up multi-compressor installations for medium and low temperature (booster systems).


Frascold transcritical TK series for CO2

The TK series compressors for transcritical CO2 applications, has been developed keeping in mind the latest requirements from the refrigeration and heating technology.