HallScrew Screw Compressor Packs

HallScrew open drive compressors mounted on high efficiency horizontal oil separator with coalescers.


J & E Hall inverter with auxiliary panel

The J & E Hall inverter with auxiliary panel has been designed to substantially reduce power consumption when used in
conjunction with refrigeration compressor packs.


J & E Hall HSO Open type compressors

Designed for refrigeration, air conditoning and heat pump applications: Applied to single stage and multi stage systems, For use with R717 (Ammonia), normal refrigerant and many other process gasses.


J & E Hall HSS Semi-hermetic compressors

Designed for high temperature applications: designed for incorporation into factory built chillers, designed for compressor packs using HFC refrigerants or R22.


J&E Hall HSM & HSL Semi-hermetic compressors

Designed for medium and low temperature applications: developed for parallel multi compressor systems, improved machine clearance control for maximum efficiency.