Heating Mats

Heating mats can be produced with different technologies: resistive pastes (thick film), chemical etching (etched foil) and with heating wires.


Heating Cable on Aluminium Foil

The flexible heating cable, produced with different types of insulating material depending on the operating temperature, can be thermowelded on aluminium foil or inserted between two aluminium foils so to improve the thermal exchange.


Etched Foil

Flexible ultra-flat heaters are produced using etchedfoil technology on a silk-screened circuit, which is then coupled with insulating materials such as silicone, polyester, polyimide (kapton®), teflon and mica, depending on operating temperatures.


Heating Bands

The drum heaters are a special application of etched-foil heaters with silicone insulation, feasible in a wide range of dimensions and powers, according to customer’s specifications


Thick Film Heaters

This type of heater is based on silk screening of conductive and resistive inks, which are deposited with different compositions and layers, depending on the electric specifications required, on materials such as PET and PVC.